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REEForest Events update

REEForest is not just a lot of field and lab work, but also many initiatives to tell what we do to protect and restore marine forests.

From the “open days” at universities, to international conferences and scientific conventions, from podcasts and innovation fairs to television programmes – there is nowhere you can escape us!

The more people we reach, the more chance there is that more and more of them will understand the importance not only of Cystoseira’s marine forests, but of the marine ecosystem in general. It is very important for us to know that we are making a difference, also on land, in people’s awareness.

So what has happened in the spring 2024? Here just few examples!


eaSea Podcast dedicated us an episode of his series! (only for italian speakers). It’s available here: Spreaker – Spotify – Audible – iHeart. For the occurrence, the creator of the podcast interviewed professor Valentina Asnaghi from the University of Genova!


The University of Genoa held an “open day” in DISTAV (Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences) for let the aspiring students orienteering in their future academic choices. Among various projects carried out and presented by DISTAV there was even REEForest!



Our scientific coordinator, professor Annalisa Falace, presented the first results of REEForest at the “3rd Marine Biogeographical Seminar for the Mediterranean and Black Sea Marine Regions” organised by Nature2000 Network in Marseille , France!


Professor Falace attended as a guest in radio too! The episode hosted by “Radar FVG” programme on the RAI1 radio channel is available at this link (only for italian speakers).



Professor Falace attended at an italian TV show too, called “Geo”. You can watch it again on the streaming platform, just go with the cursor at 1h 6″!


One of our collaborators who helped us with activities in Cilento has graduated from the University of Naples “Parthenope” with a thesis entitled “Environmental accounting of Cystoseira sensu lato algal forests in the Marine Protected Area of Santa Maria di Castellabate (SA)” Congratulations to Filomena for for her master’s degree!



In Savona (Ligurian region – Italy) , cultural events bring the territory closer to the Bergeggi Island Marine Protected Area, which is home both of the Ericaria amentacea population and the receiving site for the restoration! MPA director Davide Virzi presented the project on two occasions! The meeting organised by Coop Liguria in Genoa and “Together to save our sea” event, in Savona metropolitan city!



Bergeggi Island MPA director, Davide Virzi, performed a speech at the 2024 electric bicycle race “Giro-E” too (part of “Giro d’Italia” championship) to raise awareness among public of the famous race on the importance of marine forests.


In Trieste, the Shoreline team led by Saul Ciriaco held a conference organised by “MareInFVG” in the city’s Museum of the Sea.



NovelFarm in Pordenone is the one of the most important fair on the algal cultures and technology innovation. Shoreline was there to bring restoration on the attention of the businesses that could be involved elsewhere!


Again, during “Bergeggi MareFest” organised by the local MPA partner, the public had the chance to meet the researchers from Genova University, specifically Dr. Valentina Asnaghi of the DISTAV, and talk with her about the challenges of restoring the marine forests in their area of competence.


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