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REEForest activities kick-off in Greece

In the charming Cyclades archipelago of Greece, a remarkable effort to restore marine forests is underway on the island of Gyaros Marine Reserve. Once used as a prison in the past, this remote site now captures the attention of HCMR's…

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The team of the Laboratory of Benthos Ecology involved in REEForest - Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences - University of Genova

Good news from western Liguria!

Valentina Asnaghi’s team has recently concluded its monitoring in the Marine Protected Area “Isola di Bergeggi” in Liguria, Italy. The researchers were then able to move on to the next phase of the project: the collection and laboratory cultivation of…

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Sea gardeners in action at Cilento’s National Park

While monitoring the seabed in front of Punta Licosa, something different caught his attention from the surface. Ten meters below, the algal fronds appeared brighter compared to previous dives. As he approached the first clump of Cystoseira anchored on the…

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Natura 2000 – Europe’s nature for you

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