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A fruitful day with a lot of interactions and presentations on restoration activities.

The REEForest project, cofinanced by the EU LIFE programme, aims to reverse the degradation of the endangered Cystoseira sea forests by implementing active restoration and setting up monitoring plans in 4 marine protected areas (Italy: Sinis Peninsula, Cilento National Park, Bergeggi Island; Greece: Gyaros island) where the causes of degradation have been addressed.

REEForest will:

  • Provide concrete and robust methods that can be used to replicate and scale up restoration activities in other areas and with other species.
  • Propose Guidelines for Mediterranean marine forest restoration that are relevant to EU policies, and support researchers and stakeholders to take correct decisions considering cost-effectiveness, ecological conditions and potential threats.
  • Raise awareness among citizens and stakeholders on the loss of marine forests in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Promote knowledge replicability on the conservation, management and restoration of Cystoseira habitat through training, capacity building and “decision support” in at least 14 MPAs (Natura2000) and support MPA management bodies to formally adopt and update their management plans by including Cystoseira as a biodiversity target.


Genova Galata Museum

Natura 2000 – Europe’s nature for you

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