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REEForest activities land on television and radio!

Il Giardino di Albert, a programme of Swiss Radio and Television, entered the algology laboratory of the University of Trieste, where Sara Kaleb, together with other researchers, study algae to understand how to mitigate the impacts of human activities on their populations.

The importance of algae for the marine ecosystem and consequently for the terrestrial one is greatly underestimated. Not many people know that Cystoseira creates like a forest of trees, but in “miniature”, thanks to which the biodiversity of the environment where it grows can thrive.

Between laboratory experiments and field analyses, understanding how algae can respond to abnormal environmental parameters, for example the rise in temperature caused by the climate crisis, provides valuable clues to reach REEForest’s goals.

Mediaset also spoke of the need to restore the Cystoseira forests, particularly around Capri Island. There, as in many other areas of the Mediterranean, the condition of the rocky seabed is so compromised that the restoration of marine forests could really bring the wealth of the coastal ecosystem back as it was long time ago.

Natura 2000 – Europe’s nature for you

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