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First activities in Sardinia

A delegation of researchers from the University of Trieste and Shoreline is on its way to Sardinia where it will collaborate with the Sinis Marine Protected Area and the Italian National Research Council (CNR) of Oristano on "ante-operam" monitoring activities. It’s…

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Tiles construction begins

The thousands of discs that we need to reach indicators and numbers never reached so far for the Mediterranean Sea are the challenge that REEForest has set for the Marine Protected Areas of Cilento and Sinis. Thanks to the close collaboration…

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First public event for REEForest

A fruitful day with a lot of interactions and presentations on restoration activities. The REEForest project, cofinanced by the EU LIFE programme, aims to reverse the degradation of the endangered Cystoseira sea forests by implementing active restoration and setting up monitoring…

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REEForest goes on-air

REEForest activities land on television and radio! Il Giardino di Albert, a programme of Swiss Radio and Television, entered the algology laboratory of the University of Trieste, where Sara Kaleb, together with other researchers, study algae to understand how to mitigate…

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REEForest Kick-off meeting

We are very proud to announce the official launch of the new LIFE REEForest project (Project 101074309 - LIFE21- NAT-IT), which aims to restore populations of Cystoseira species in four marine protected areas. The project, which has very ambitious goals,…

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Natura 2000 – Europe’s nature for you

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